Custom Tile Applications

Let your Immigration Run Free! Inside/Outside/Garages!


Porches & Patios

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 Counter Tops
   Back Splashes

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Custom Tub to Waterproof Tiled Shower Conversion

Go from a boring, hard to clean acrylic tub/shower to a custom, waterproof tiled shower. In this shower there is a 3/8" thick tempered glass shower screen that sits in a metal channel that is incorporated into the tile assembly - no door or curtain needed. The plumbing was re-routed so that the control valve is on the open end and the shower head on the closed end (eliminates getting sprayed with cold water when you get your shower going). Notice the accent wall done with a wood-look porcelain tile. The recesses are framed with Schluter metal profiles that eliminate the need for bullnose tile - providing a sleek, uninterrupted tile installation. The lower recess was installed as a footrest for when the ladies shave their legs. We also used a coved Schluter profile on the bottom inside of the shower. This profile provides for easy cleaning and eliminates the need for unsightly, hard to clean and maintain caulking. See us for ideas and estimates on converting your tub to a shower. Endless possibilities!

stevens-carpet-one-carrolltown-pa-custom-tile-app-7-custom-shower-1    stevens-carpet-one-carrolltown-pa-custom-tile-app-8-custom-shower-2 

Here is another custom tub to shower conversion done in porcelain wood look plank.



This installation of Perfection Floor Tile was completed in the fall of 2013. This garage is used and unheated. The floor went through the cold, snowy winter with all of the salt, road dirt, shale, studded tires and made it through like a champ! Just power washed in the spring.

The installation of the checker board tile was completed in September 2014. Wow does it show off the antique Ford Truck! So whether you have a show garage or an everyday use garage, Perfection Floor Tile is the way to go. They are interlocking loose-laid vinyl tiles so no worry about adhesives or peeling epoxy coatings.

It is also a great floor for basements, laundry rooms, mudrooms and commercial applications. There are many styles, colors and patterns - and other uses for home and business. Check it out at then come and see us!

WARNING! Once you put this on your garage floor you will not want to use it as a garage in the summer! It will become another room of your house. Great for parties, family get-togethers or just hanging out! (I recommend a flat screen for the sporting events).

 stevens-carpet-one-carrolltown-pa-custom-tile-app-10-garage-checkboard-1    stevens-carpet-one-carrolltown-pa-custom-tile-app-11-garage-checkerboard-2